From Galicia
to Aargau
Trails of a Jewish European in the 20th century

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A documentary film by Susanne and Peter Scheiner, 2007.
Duration: 45 minutes, Languages: German (O), English and Ukraine.


Jerzy Czarnecki, the protagonist of the film, could have contented himself with a quiet retirement after many years of work as a nuclear technologist for the Swiss Federal Office of Energy. But he is driven to act: he has unique memories and feels a pressing obligation to share them. Starting with a journey to Mosty Wielkie (in today's Ukraine), the town where he spent his youth and which he had to leave in 1942, the film tracks the key places and events in Jerzy's life. These include his flight from the Nazis in the Second World War, forced labour in Germany, starting a new life in Poland after the war and finally - caused by a resurge of open antisemitism in Poland beginning in 1967 - emigration to Switzerland in 1972. Jerzy's is a long road, paved with tragic and dramatic experiences - from life in a small Galician town to Windisch, another small place in the Swiss canton of Aargau.



On Television (3SAT)

1st broadcast: June 2007
2nd broadcast: 9 May 2008




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